WOSC Apology to OZ on Miscommunication

On behalf of the West Ottawa Soccer Club (WOSC), I wish to acknowledge the significant role that Mr. Omur Sezerman and OZ Dome have played in the development of soccer in Ontario. WOSC hereby expresses its sincere gratitude to Mr. Sezerman and OZ Merchandising Inc. (“OZ Merchandising”, popularly known as “OZ Dome”) for their support to WOSC at its time of difficulty.
In 2011 WOSC and OZ Dome entered into a multi-year agreement for the use of space at OZ Dome. This arrangement came at a time when other facilities became scarce and thus was important to WOSC. The relationship worked fine and WOSC was treated very well by both OZ Dome and Mr. Sezerman. The support from OZ Dome and Mr. Sezerman made it possible for our club to continue its growth without interruption.
WOSC regrets the events in 2012 which resulted in the breakdown of communication between the parties over the completion of the multi-year arrangement. WOSC regrets that its communications with OZ Dome and Mr. Sezerman contributed to this breakdown. WOSC is pleased that the parties have subsequently resumed communications and that its teams have been able to access the OZ Dome in the past three winter seasons.
WOSC looks forward to continuing the relationship with OZ Dome and Mr. Sezerman which dates back to 1997 when the year-round OZ Dome, a facility that at the time was one of the best in the region and in Ontario, was first developed. We wish to again thank OZ Dome and Mr. Sezerman for his continued commitment to providing the soccer community with a high quality, year round sports facility.

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